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Virtual reality for
architectural presentations

Click and drag to 360 ° panorama

Step 1

Send us your design. It can be a product, a building, a house or even a pyramid. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

We work with a wide range of formats, from paper designs to 3D modeling and BIM.

Step 2

We’ll turn your design into something that can actually be experienced, through virtual reality. Our goal is to make your client see it the way you do: from the inside.

It doesn’t matter how detailed your designs are. Deeper information will amount to a more faithful result, and it could speed up the process. But we can also work together to fill in the blanks and achieve what you pictured.

Step 3

In this way, your project comes to life and starts to speak for itself. Now your client is able to understand and fall in love, which raises the communication between you to another level.

To reach your customer we will provide all the equipment you will need. The digital product is yours and you can save it for future.


Allow your customers to visit your completed work still during the design phase! With a virtual environment it is much easier to demonstrate the concept and advantages of your project, and you can choose the lighting conditions, the decoration and the vegetation you want to show. Perfect for presenting ventures to investors or end buyers: have a model unit without physical space, which can be demonstrated at any sales stand!

No prospect is able to convey the feeling of being in an environment. Invite your client to experience colors, textures, lighting, reflections, and also the relationships between objects and spaces in a direct way, as you conceived.

Optimize your point of sale with a new attraction: a demo of your entire catalog in virtual reality. In addition to representing your product without it necessarily being in-store, in a virtual showroom you can demonstrate your application based on actual usage situations. You can also allow your customers to experiment with customization options in a way that they can usually just imagine. We are prepared to provide the necessary equipment and keep it running.

VR technology expands the boundary of what can be created in games and simulations, whether for entertainment or training. We are prepared to produce virtual reality VR experiences perfect for your demands, from driving a race car to repairing a high-voltage tower.

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